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Welcome to Tucson Youth Football and Spirit Federation!

First, a couple of definitions that may help you understand some of the following:

For those who are new to our program, we want to welcome you. The registration process can be intimidating at first. Compared to other youth sports you will find more forms are required, for example you will need to furnish copies of the physical dated after January 1st of the current year, copies of the certified birth certificate and a full year report card. At registration you will fill out the registration form and a few other forms as required by the Federation. Some associations may have other forms that they require, check with the association prior to or at registration. The associations have a lot of paperwork which must be maintained and packaged properly for “certification”. Your help in providing the required documentation to the associations as quickly as possible is a great benefit to them.

Registration begins in March and usually runs through the end of July, although Association may continue to register participants even after the practice season begins. There are always dates that are “city wide” where all Associations will be available to register participants, but Associations will occasionally hold additional registrations. Please check with your local association to see where they are holding their registrations or if they have additional dates. You may call the Federation office at (520) 322-9779 if you cannot find current contact information for your local Association

We offer both Flag Football and Tackle Football in addition to Spirit (Cheerleading). Flag football is for age 5-7 and tackle is for ages 7-14 (7 year old have the option). The age of each participant is based on their actual age on July 31st. For Tackle Football we use an age matrix to determine which team a child would be placed on within their Association. There is no variance in this process and participants are required to play for the team that fits their age. NOTE: Tackle  participation is limited to non high school athletes (freshman are not allowed to play). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,

Fees vary between Associations depending on needs in their area, i.e. lights and field charges, insurance, and referees, just to name a few. Some school districts, cities, or county charges apply. Fees could range from $100 to $300 dollars for the tackle and cheer program and $100 to $200 for the flag program. These can seem rather high, yet the cost to outfit a player and cheerleader can be varied expensive. We supply most of your equipment and uniform.

If you have any questions about what Association you can play for please feel fee to contact the Federation office at (520) 322-9779 or our certification person at (520) 539-0720. You may also link to the associations in Tucson Youth Football and Spirit on the website if they have a website and have registered it with TYFSF. Once again welcome aboard, we hope to see you on the field.


Scheduling is a very detailed and complex task which requires the cooperation of many people to complete. Before TYFSF can even begin to piece this puzzle together we MUST have the number of teams each Association will be certifying. This may sound much easier than it really is, as teams struggle to register enough kids to form a team or even enough to split a division and have two or more teams. Another major factor in scheduling is the availability of game fields. Many Associations must re-apply yearly for the use of fields which can be a lengthy process, and often fields are only available on specific dates. Even after the schedule has been completed these dates are often altered for various reasons and changes must be made to the schedule. Typically the schedule is not made available until a week prior to the first games (two weeks if all of the stars align properly), and usually it is only released one week at a time. While we fully understand that this makes it difficult on the parents who need to plan other activities outside of football, the nature of our sport, limited fields, and timing simply do not allow us to produce a schedule any quicker.

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