Playoffs start now.  From here on out there will be and always has been an entrance fee for these games. 


 *In addition to this fee there are no:*

🚫No Weapons

🚫No coolers (except labeled team coolers)

🚫NO outside beverages or food of any kind allowed at all.

(Clear Water Bottles & team snacks are okay. )

 *They are permitted to check all your belongings before entering the game.* 


 *Fees are per person…*

Playoffs: $5

City: $10

Flag Games: $3

14 & under are Free

Thank you!

Association hosting the playoffs are not allowing outside food. You are allowed to bring in unopened water bottles only.

Halftime and after game snacks will be allowed with the team coaches.

No pets are allowed at any of the High School Fields. No Dogs, Cats, Horses, Snakes etc

The city championship will have a no outside food policy and a clear bag policy.

Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation is requesting the following during the playoffs and City Championship Games.

  1. Promote Integrity

(Presidents and coaches should encourage a team to always play within the rules).

  1. Minimize Selfish Actions

(Presidents, coaches and parents should work to minimize braggadocios behavior)

  1. Respect Referees

(Coaches should remember to set a positive example for players in their own interactions with refs) “The players are following your lead”

  1. Encourage Teamwork

(Encourage players to help their teammates who might be struggling).

  1. Focus On Learning

(Encourage players to grow personally as well as work hard for wins).

  1. Compliment The Other Team For Great Plays

(compliment players on the other team for great performances).

  1. Praise A Player For Hustle

(praise a player for great effort even if the result isn’t perfect).

  1. Criticize Constructively and Privately

(Coaches need to control their emotions and avoid yelling at a players and official)

  1. Show Deference In Victory And Defeat

(Remain proud during defeat is a tough balance to strike for coaches and players)

  1. Keep It In Perspective

(This is just a game) No one is in scholarship or under contract

The playoffs aren’t about the parents it’s about the players playing and the cheerleaders cheering.

“Zero” tolerance will be enforced during the playoffs and city championship. Disruptive parents, coaches and spectators will be asked to leave the stadium.

Welcome to TYFSF


Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation (TYFSF) believes that academics is enhanced through athletics. The TYFSF is a flag football, tackle football and spirit program for youth ages 5 – 14. Tackle participation is limited to non high school athletes (freshman are not allowed to play). TYFSF is a non-profit 501C(3) corporation. The Federation has been in existence since 1969 and is now comprised of 15 associations. The up coming season will see an estimated 100 football teams and 100 spirit squads comprised of more than 4,000 participants. Additionally we will have 2,700 plus adult volunteers assisting with all aspects of football and cheer.


1 TYFSF is a leader in youth sports and the advocate for the advancement of sportsmanship, competitive spirit and recreation by providing educational and developmental opportunities, generating and sharing knowledge with the community, and promoting networking and growth for our members.


2 TYFSF is the premier federation of leaders in youth sports who transform lives and inspire the development of healthy communities in southern Arizona.

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